Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bolters, Backpacks, and the Barter Bucket

It takes a village...of gamers to build a platoon from scratch out of bits

I have been meticulously piecing these guys together for some time. It started a couple of months back when I began putting in requests to the Barter Bucket to flesh these guys out. It wasn't until I finished assembling this project that I realized just how much the Barter Bucket actually helped me in getting everything completed. I simply couldn't have done them without it.

The title of the post kind of says it all. I had bolters and I had backpacks, and that is about all I had to be honest. I had a few spare bits here and there, and pretty much all of the first and second edition parts were mine, but otherwise the fifteen Deathwatch troops I made all came from parts and bits mailed in from the Barter Bucket. The torsos, the legs, most of the arms, pouches, a wide variety of bare heads, and shoulder pads all came in the post.

I had fifteen small plastic bags and I started separating parts for each individual figure in each bag. At first it seemed impossible, I had fifteen bags that contained only circular bases, a bolter, and a backpack. That was my foundation for each trooper, then as I got parts in over time I slowly added pieces to each bag until each one contained a complete fig.

So, without the help of my fellow gamers out there, I'd still have fifteen bolters and backpacks sitting around in little baggies and nothing else to show for my ambitious project. I'd like to extend a hearty thanks to all who pitched in. If I forgot someone, ugh, I'm so sorry, just leave me a biting missive and I'll fix it! And if you're listed below and have a blog I didn't link to, let me know that so I can fix that as well. So, mucho thanks to the following!

...and an extra special thanks goes to someone who helped out by
just sending me the rest of the items on my checklist all in one go!

John at Santa Cruz Warhammer


  1. This is an awesome example of gaming it forward and it shows that it doesn't have to be whole collections or full sets to be effective.

    The Barter Bucket has the advantage of servicing a specific game and range of minis so likely works better than if you were trying to set something like this up for historical figs.

    Still, I know that in almost every miniatures project I run, I am always end up with a few too few or too many minis and it'd be great to have access to something like the Barter Bucket. Instead, I rely on a network of gaming buddies both local and across the world/net.

  2. Im the Iron Hands and more things blog.

  3. @Eli: Yeah, it's a great way to build bridges, and we all have extra junk laying around that will be someone else's treasure. The bucker is genre specific, but you'd be surprised, we moved about a hundred POUNDS worth of 15mm Napoleonics on there as well!

    @Derina: Fixed, and thanks again!

  4. Really now? Are out of genre requests welcome there?

  5. Mik- You're welcome, and you deserve it for keeping the bucket alive.

    Eli- As Mik said, I traded my 15mm historics for some Warhammer stuff using the bucket, SCW likes all types of minis games but the decision will be Miks as its his baby.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  6. Yup, it being hosted on the SC *WARHAMMER* site, I'm going to assume the lion's share of requests will be 40k and WHFB, but why not throw in whatever you need? This last week was kind of slim anyway, so a little cross-genre pollination would've spiced things up a bit.