Saturday, May 22, 2010

Garden Update w/ Bonus Video

The new bed, not looking as barren as last we saw it...

The big stuff here was already fully grown. They were transplanted from a bucket full of mud, and admittedly I did a pretty sloppy transplant job, but they seem to still be alive. So with those still alive, I've got both Sage and Thyme. To the left of the herbs you'll see two more plants, unfortunately I don't know what they are! My neighbors are from India, and they know I love spicy foods, so they gave me these saying only, "They're very spicy peppers."

The left of the new box has got tons of Cucumbers poking through quite nicely. These all came from seeds and I'm happy with what they've done so far, I'll have to thin them out in the next couple of weeks. The other two plants are both my almost-budding HabaƱeros.

My peppers are somewhat under-performing. The three up front are Green Peppers, and I don't know, they could go either way. The two in the back are equally lackluster Red Peppers. Again, looking kind of puny. In the middle was supposed to be a thick row of carrots, but as you can see, they're doing nothing whatsoever. I'm pretty sure the carrots are duds.

Well I was most excited about my super-heirloom, mega-heritage JalapeƱo Peppers. One is already dead, but it looked like my dog stepped on it. The three survivors though are above the ground now, but they haven't really taken off to do their thing yet.

My Basil has done great, shown here in both corners. They've probably tripled in height since I planted them not too long ago. The pale (more puny) plants in the front left are a couple of more Red Peppers. Again, they're alive, but not taking off like I had hoped for.

Here we've got the Beefsteak tomatoes. I shouldn't complain, but they're not quite as bushy as I thought. They're looking good, they smell great, but I don't know, they're kind of worrying me with they're weak saucedness. Beefsteak 'maters are obviously pegged for slicing.

My Roma Tomatoes are doing much better though. They're leafy, bushy, getting good height on them, and smell great when you 'nose them', something I do often. Roma tomatoes are a lot less juicy and much more firm, so I've got these guys pegged for salsa making.

I really couldn't see doing a garden without growing some Cayenne Peppers. These things are great; they have great taste, good spice, and are very versatile in the kitchen.

Now these Hot Banana Peppers are the MVP of the garden by far. Look at the pic, look at it! These were planted just twenty days ago and they're bearing fruit that it just about ready to be picked already! In fact, the video below is me doing that very thing, enjoy!


  1. Keep up the good work Mik ..... if farming was easy every would be doing it. I need to post some pics of my garden ....

  2. You need to figure out how to grow orks

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  3. We planted carrots three times last year as the first two lots failed, lessons;

    1 Can't use old seed, buy new
    2 Don't plant too deep
    3 Lightly water regular (keep it damp but not wet)
    4 They take a few weeks to show

    This year we got two rows in, in the hot patch after Easter, and they are just beginning to show as faint green lines if you get down on your knees and look along the rows, weeds are greener so some hoeing/weeding to look forward to there!

    Tip, plant between, with or next to shallots, onions or leeks and you'll keep down carrot-fly damage if you leave them in the ground in the autumn.

  4. DUDE 1:46 DON'T RUB YOUR EYES!!!!

    When do we get some fresh garden salsa at the gaming table???

  5. Thanks guys, in short order:

    John: I'm working on it, but there's a significant occupational strangling that is always a risk!

    Joe: Post them up! Cross gaming/gardening is the hot thing right now...

    Hugh: Thanks for the tips, I'm a total rookie and need all the help I can get!

    Andy: Sheesh, don't I know it, I really dodged a bullet with that one...big time. Fresh garden salsa is imminent, and I won't make it quite as hot as last year!

  6. The garden looks great! I love my little patio garden but I really hope I get more space next year. Can't wait to see more as they come in!