Thursday, May 27, 2010

Guns, Left!

"Remember what the general said; we're the cavalry. It would be bad form to arrive in advance of schedule. In the nick of time would do nicely." -JOE Vandeleur
I finished this guy up along with yesterday's Shermans. This is kind of a miniatures first for me actually in that I have never, until now, painted a figure in the likeness of a an actual person. I've painted nameless historical-era figs before, but this is JOE V. Kinda neat.

Remember too, this is in 15mm scale so he's actually a pretty tiny, little guy. This Humber Scout Car is about as long as a Lego fig is tall, minus the head. The fig is pretty small, but I still had to get some details in there or it just wouldn't be JOE, namely the mustache and the green scarf. I meant to go in and try to do a Guards patch on his sleeve but frankly, I forgot to do it, heh. He's got at least one bridging sign decal to go, and maybe a '53' regiment decal too.

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