Tuesday, June 22, 2010

iPhone Fail

© Penny Arcade

If you're not reading Penny Arcade, stop now and check them out first. At one point I was following about a dozen different web-comics, but it got to be too much. Honestly, some weren't even that great either, but Penny Arcade has never let me down.

Now I don't have an iPhone, and I realize that there were a gazillion users on the same wi-fi network, yada yada yada, but I don't care. The above cartoon made me laugh out loud, more for Señor Jobs' amazing organ-ejecting power punch than anything else.


  1. I used to follow penny arcade but I stopped for no real reason. I have 2 of their books so I should probably go back and check out what they have done recently.

  2. Good stuff, they always make me laugh. I'm not as boned up on the current videogame scene, so I don't get all their jokes, but still it's great humor.

  3. I love these guys, I ended up staying up crazy late the other night cos I dropped by and saw Gabe was Drawing a strip live and streaming it.

    The guy is good, and a perfect demonstration of what I say as an art and graphics teacher, you can LEARN this stuff :)

    look at his early strips compared to now for proof.

  4. Didn't you know that the Emperor's real name is Steve Jobs?:)

    //Written on my iPhone

  5. @Karitas: I wish I had seen that!

    @Flekkzo: I actually did *not* know that, consider me 'learned'!