Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Items at Brickarms

The always excellent, third-party Lego armorer Brickarms has added even more punch to its already considerable arsenal. Shown here are three of the many new releases, and they all work equally well in a modern, near-future, or even sci-fi setting. Up top is the massive Barrett M82A1, able to punch a hole in an armored car, or power armor. Below that on the left is the really cool looking P90, equally at home in SWAT teams or guarding "Egyptian star portals to other dimensions". Last we have a personal favorite of mine, and one I'll be picking up for sure. It's the classic longslide version of the 1911 with scope (or old school laser sight). Perfect if you're an assassin android sent from the future to eliminate a target in the past!


  1. No problem guys, I know I'm saving my shekels for a whole mess of this new stuff!