Thursday, June 10, 2010

Æthergraph Fanzine Debuts!

A new fanzine debuted this week called Æthergraph. This gaming publication focuses on the very cool, but oft-overlooked Victorian sci-fi genre. Automatons, royal marines, zeppelins, Princesses of Mars, the works; these all define this very unique and instantly recognizable category. This introductory issue has it all from short stories, to game stats, plenty of pics, and more, what's more is that it contains info for submissions too. If you always wanted to write for a gaming magazine, or just have some cool ideas to pitch, now's your chance! The PDF is free and can be downloaded here. Check it out, give it a read-through, and leave some feedback for the boys over at Tally-ho!


  1. Looks like a good read!
    (also, your legs were mailed out yesterday)

  2. Will most certainly check that out!

    It's a genre I love, I've looked at a few different miniatures with thoughts of that kind of project...