Thursday, July 15, 2010

Riders on the Storm

There's only about 48 hours, just a bit more, left in the Storm Wardens Project. It's hard to believe that it was May 6th when the guys at Santa Cruz Warhammer first emailed me and a handful of others about the project. We didn't even know chapter it would originally be!

Now here we are, with the end in sight, and although I'm kind of sad to see it go, all of the goodness that's come of it will last for a very long time. Part of the inspiration for my barter bucket so long ago was to get the community of us gamers together and collaborating of sorts. Well, nothing say collaboration like the Storm Wardens Project.

I'm going to mention the "dream team" involved with this project, but before I do I do want to quote myself from those first emails back in the beginning of May, "Sheesh, these guys outclass me tenfold!" So when I keep saying I'm not that great or whatever, I am certainly not fishing for compliments. I'm not trying to kid anyone, I shoot for tabletop quality on the majority of my models, and I'm about all over the map when it comes to gaming genres. For the record I did do my best when it came to my contribution however, I don't paint everything to tabletop standard! When it comes to the rest of the guys on the team though, they're pretty much the endgame in 40k modelling, gaming, and especially painting. Just to be included with them along the way has been, well, an honor. That may sound cheesy, but it's true.

I've mentioned before, a lot actually, about the amazing army that's up for grabs. It's grown into something that is simply stunning. One facet about the army that appeals to me the most is that we created and painted the models how we wanted, without a particular list in mind. That's why you see a lot of power fists in there! The power fist is a marine icon, but not that prevalent across an army on the table due to their high points cost, but in the Storm Wardens Army, lots of fists were thrown in there. Why? Because people were building what they like, not what they "had to" or were restrained by points cost by. That's why on my particular contribution I gave Veteran Landes a plasma pistol. In a game they make cringe every time I roll to hit, but really, they look too cool not to throw in there.

It's been posted a couple of times already, so I'll just link to it here. The army is great, the models are beautiful, the templates are one-of-a-kind, it's no secret that whoever walks away with this thing is going to have a permanent smile on their face for about six months. But what this is really all about is helping Doctors Without Borders. Every single person who has jumped on board, some with just a buck, have all contributed to a great cause.

Mike at SCWarhammer has broken it down in a great post here.

So that's it, the sun is fast setting on the Storm Wardens Project. The Deathwatch RPG releases at Gen Con, which is where this official chapter makes their published debut, and the amount of mini-drawings that have been given away for a while now continues to grow. If you're already on board, thank you so much, and if you haven't jumped on yet, well, time is short!

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  1. Mik,

    Don't sell yourself short, there is a lot of you in this project, and you earned your way.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  2. Thanks John, that means a lot!