Friday, July 2, 2010

Veteran Landes, WIP

Some in-progress pics of Veteran Landes of the Storm Wardens chapter. I'm not saying I'm a master painter or anything, but these photos don't do a whole lot of justice. They were taken on top of my grill on the back deck with my camera phone. Be that as it may, you can still get the gist here of how it's going to look and what I'm shooting for.

What I'm doing differently with this model than most of my other ones is simply taking my time. Not in general, but taking my time specifically, with the details, with my brush, with the paint; slow, methodical steps. Instead of hitting an area in one go with a quick stroke, I'm surgically building up that area with multiple small layers.

The other thing I'm changing my style from here are those layers mentioned and the color selection. In most cases I'm doing a three color combo, building up from the darkest to the lightest edge highlights, I'm also using small, focused areas of washes and inks in a fairly controlled manner. This is the kind of project I don't want to screw up or rush, and it's also the kind of project that makes me lament two things; my lack of decent brushes, and my procrastination in developing these atrophied painting skills all along.

My palette here doesn't contain any surprises really. I went with green frag grenades because, well, even 40,000 years in the future grenades need to be green. To balance out the red purity seal I painted the two krak grenades red as well. For the hair and rocker 'stache I went with my favorite, Nordic blonde. Face it, if this guy's not fighting the enemies of mankind with a bolter, he's shredding the axe on stage. For that, he gets to be a blonde.

Remember, you can actually take command of not only Veteran Landes shown here, but of an entire Storm Wardens army, the works; fully painted and unlike any other Space Marine army out there right now. Just visit Storm Warden Command for details.


  1. I think he needs a noise marine guitar or chain axe guitar, or a lightning bolt guitar across his back.

    We should model a space marine metal band rocking its balls off.

    I miss Bolt Thrower, I remember when You got a Bolt Thrower 45 record in White Dwarf and the magazine had stuff worth reading. GW was better when they rocked out and the Deamonettes had naked boobies.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer.

  2. His right shoulder pad is going to be a lightning motif I'm borrowing from a guitar, that's as close as I could get! He's definitely got the Hammer of the Gods look though doesn't he?

    I remember how cool I thought it was when Bolt Thrower's album (forget which one) was the same cover art for the first Rogue Trader book.

  3. Is that a second-ed plasma pistol?

  4. can i ask how you produced the shoulder pads for the Storm Wardens? they look great!

  5. @Date: Yup! It's now painted in an artifact gold and white scheme with a green charging grid.

    @Shrewsgod: The pads were sculpted especially for this project. Every model in the whole army will be wearing one, and there are also custom Storm Shields and vehicle icons too. Secret Weapon Miniatures designed and produced them for the project.

  6. Looking good Mik ..... a coool mini and the smell of cooked mammal flesh from the grill.


  7. Mik-

    the shoulder pads were sculpted by Dave Taylor, and cast by Justin at Secret Weapon.

    I did my own sculpts and casting for the shoulder pads and icons, for the stuff I built.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  8. Aha, thanks for the clarification John, the devil's in the details!