Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall-In! Day 1: Evening

Some pre-official convention pics. These were all taken while walking around Friday night, chatting with some gamers, and sitting in on a couple of games. Of note, there was a large DBA tournament going on as well, it looked great but I didn't snap any pics!

A healthy scattering of "pick up" games...

Early war practice game going with FoW and the guys from WWPD

A lonely, empty hall awaiting hordes of the games we love


  1. Glad to see you met up with the WWPD gang and got some gamng in .... !!!

  2. Yeah, they were cool guys. I was hoping to have a beer or three with you as well, but there's always next con.

    Plus, I basically had laryngitis while I was there and couldn't speak, so I want a raincheck!

  3. I will take you up on that offer .... keep those beers ready my friend !