Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tantive IV Battle Map

In addition to the Hordes poster I'm giving away, look what else I found while cleaning out the downstairs closet this last weekend! This thing is absolutely massive, I've forgotten just how cool it really is (and no, it's not up for grabs, sorry). The digital file is long gone, this is all that's left so I think I can truly say it's a one of a kind.

For scale, my game table is eight feet long, so this map of Star Wars' iconic Corellian Corvette is, I'm guessing, ten feet long? Way back when, way way back in another lifetime I used to work at a retail office copy shop. A gaming buddy (who also worked there) and I used to make all kinds of these maps to be used with all kinds of miniatures and games. The bulk of them were for Heroclix, and we had some great battle maps; graveyards, subway stations, a Skrull spaceship, but those haven't turned up and I doubt they will now.

This map was the last one we made, we made it big...almost too big!

The command deck, each square equals one inch

Main corridor with escape pods

Aft corridor


25mm figs checking out the accommodations

15mm figs hanging out near the engine core

28mm figs traversing a long corridor

Now that this map has resurfaced I just have to get some use out of it! As you see from the comparison shots, the scale will be right on for pretty much whatever we do. It would be fun to try some Space Hulk on a true hulk of course, but any kind of boarding action will do. I remember there being some star-ship rules in AE Bounty as well. Whatever we decide to do with it, you're sure to see more. I may have to get another table to add to the end of the regular one just to accommodate everything. Enjoy!


  1. DUDE .... that is awesome .... no matter how you look at it

  2. Wow that is great. I can think of so many uses for that kind of thing - but for Star Wars minis that must have been fantastic fun.

  3. Egads man... what don't you own!?!

    Very cool. Would make for interesting 40k boarding action games.

  4. Fantastic find. Great looking Map. I've found, with Carl from the ICs advice, the the FW IA9 boarding action rules are pretty fun.

  5. I'd so love a copy of that! WOW!

  6. That is just plain AWESOME!

  7. Fantastic!
    It's a good job you said it's not up for grabs or every red-blooded gamer out there would be jumping up saying "Me! Me! MEEEE!"
    Awesome stuff! (Running out of superlatives!)

  8. @HuronBH: Thanks for the tip, those IA books are simply gorgeous.

    @ACG: I didn't think about just a straight copy, I wonder if I have any connections at ye olde copy shoppe still?

    @WH39K: Haha, apparently everything. You will see some boarding action on here, I just don't know when!

    @Ind.Characters: Hey, welcome aboard!

    @Joe: I look at it as being twice as long as I am tall!

    @Donogh: Ha, yeah I made sure to stick that disclaimer in there!

    @Meatsaball: See how I did your name there, all with an accent and stuff? Oh yeah!

  9. I don't know, seems like it might be a little small... ;)

    Seriously though, that is awesome and it's just one more reason to check out your blog. Ya just never know what Gyro's gonna come up with next!

  10. That's simply glorious. It would be great for space hulk. Would also be good for HeroClix as you already said, but especially for something like HaloClix!

  11. Man, that right there is a thing of beauty!!!

  12. That



    Should you ever resurrect the source file you gotta post it on here!

  13. I think that ship has long sailed, please excuse the pun!