Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mik's Moment of Zen, pt. 11

"This is actually a cheat sheet for the game Classical Hack."


  1. ... static...

    *crackle* SI... *fades out* SIR?

    WONTON REPO...RTING S...IR *fizz* SIR!

    The line goes quite, a still in the warp.

    SEND REINFORCEMEN... *a series of beeps and then silence*

  2. Dude, where have you been? I, like, had a baby and stuff while you were gone! I saw your email...reinforcements indeed.

  3. Mik pulled me into this game. The GM pulls this cheat sheet out and I swear to god I damn near stood up and walked out. However, seeing it in practice, it actually worked very nicely. It was just big and lots of numbers on it.

  4. It wasn't nearly as bad as it looked like it was going to be, and it turned out to be a pretty 'big fun game' in the end.