Thursday, April 28, 2011

You Can't Sever the Horn of a Minotaur

Get your quest on indeed. Finally I got to sneak out and go see Your Highness the other night. You've seen the trailers I'm sure, and unlike what you may think, there are plenty more one-liners you haven't seen too.

The movie is what you expect, pretty much a stoner-roadtrip movie that takes place in a fantasy setting. The accents are suitably "roleplaying fantasy", but the dialog was decidedly modern in both language and inflection (and especially humor). The crassness of the movie from opening to closing was also hilarious, just know you're going into an incredibly raunchy adventure from the get-go.

The fantasy trappings are all there, and the effects such as monsters and magic are actually well done. The story itself is pretty much a straight-forward quest with a few twists and turns. I was looking forward to seeing Natalie Portman in leather armor wielding a bow, and in that respect I wasn't disappointed either. I've always like the redneck-savvy Danny McBride too, and in a lot of ways the movie focuses around him and his transformation from slothful and inept second-born to honored and bloodied warrior.

If you're looking for a fun 'beer and pretzels' type movie, or have had a character cut off part of a critter to wear as a trophy, then you're going to enjoy this movie. Face it, most of the fantasy movies that come out nowadays aren't that great anyway, and this one goes in the opposite direction in terms of seriousness to great effect.


  1. Thanks for the review - looking forward to it now!

  2. We saw the trailer for this when we went, as a gaming group, to see Battle: LA. The overwhhelming response was, "Hey, looks it's a REAL D&D movie".

    What was meant by this is that the story was there, the quest and the characters, but humor and such reflected the usual amount of joking and table talk around during the game.


  3. @Tristan: No problem, it was fun but I don't how much staying power it has in the theaters so you better hurry!

    @Eli: It was definitely a 'real' D&D movie in that regard. We snuck into the last 45 minutes of Battle LA afterward, I was kind of glad I didn't pay for a ticket on that one!

  4. I liked it ... alot ... despite the reviews, etc. I felt it was worth watching. If people go in with the attitude that its a light hearted sophomoric humor movie with both pot humor and geek/D&D humor they'll enjoy it. Ya ya the plot is a bit patchy here and there and I for one would have loved to have seen the dwarf kingdom escape NOT in single frame pictures during the opening credits ... I bet that stuff would have been hilarious. We get to see Natalie Portman's ass .. and that alone is nearly worth admission (matinee anyway).

  5. Yeah, reviews...never paid attention to them. You've summed it up well, it's a stoner road trip movie set in a high school D&D campaign.

    And you're absolutely dead-on about the assets Portman brought to the movie.