Sunday, May 1, 2011

Finally, a Tennis Win (and another loss)

Because things have been queued up for so long, as I type this it's already old news! It finally happened, I got my first league-play tennis win! I remember after winning the first set 6-3 thinking how happy I was, and that winning a set would've been good enough for me. I distinctly remember walking over to get ready to serve and thinking about you guys and the blog and how I was going to get to post I finally won a set. I didn't think I'd win the match.

The second set was awful and I got trounced 1-6, it looks like they didn't cotton too well to their first-set loss! So that set us up for a tiebreaker, which by the way in tennis is a very convoluted affair. It was a very close one and I squeaked by ten points to my opponent's eight. I recall after scoring the match-winning point not realizing the match was over, or that I had just won on top of that. Overall I was happy, at least now I won't have a win-less season, right?

As for the match the following week...well, let's just say it was another loss and my win streak didn't last very long, if at all! I queued this up to coincide with another match I'll be playing soon. My future match is at 5:00pm, so when this posts I'll be half an hour into it, and hopefully I'll have more good news to report on next time around.


  1. Well done! Congrats to you sir!

  2. Hi,
    I listed you for the Stylish Blogger Awards. See details here:
    Thank you!

  3. @Tristan: Thanks...and chalk up another win tonight, woohoo!

    @Blacksmith: Thank you so much, I am honored!

  4. Great work. Both the set and match wins on the same day.

  5. WOOT! Two wins, gratz man and may the streak continue!

  6. Thanks Brad and Meatball! Yesterday's win went to another tie-breaker so now my goal is to win in straight sets.