Saturday, June 11, 2011

CabinCon V AAR

This might be the third time I deleted everything I've written and started over. But in a way that makes sense, you really can't pin down exactly what happens at one of our gaming cabins. There's lots of games (see below), lots of food (we eat like kings), and lots of different beverages which are sometimes indulged in excess. To sum it up succinctly; we had a blast and we'll be doing it again next year.

We weren't hurting on games, more tomorrow...

Just a sample of a Friday night plate: steak, potatoes, Greek salad...

A keg of Newcastle doesn't drink itself, reinforcements were called in!

It was with involuntary head shaking that I posted that last photo, which must mean it is past my time to go! Like I said, tomorrow I will have some pics of the games in action and other random tidbittedness. Until then, enjoy!


  1. Oh no, there is salad on that steak. Get it far far away. Nothing should corrupted the purity of the beef.

  2. Haha, it was a good pairing!

    Sadly, an incredibly ill-advised 'chuggling' of Gin and Tonics prior to dinner almost made me miss this wonderful meal!

  3. I have always dreamed of doing a gaming holiday. You guys do it right every year.


  4. Eli, we are going to be offering a "Platinum" sponsorship over at Minions of the Monster Master. Benefits of being a platinum donor will include an all-expense paid trip to join us at Cabin Con, a free MotMM t-shirt, official membership as a minion, any random mini out of Mik's game room,a homemade cheesecake, and much more!
    Platinum sponsorships start at just $7,000. Limited quantities available. Act today!

  5. Cool ... love to see others doing their own Micro-con!! Bad ass idea eh!!

    I myself am getting ready to host my second annual Microcon (we call ours LARRYCON ... so original ... I know ... lol). My old gaming crew lives in Las Vegas and they escape the heat in mid July to trek up to a much more mild Utah ... land of milk .. honey ... and Mormon maidens!! I send my wife and kids to the in-laws for long weekend and we game, eat and drink like the Romans of yore!

  6. @Eli: We'll get you out to Appalachia one of these years.

    @Lord o' Excess: Mormon maidens eh? That might be what's been missing all these years at our own mini-cons. Sounds like we're using the same template other than that. Have a great LARRYCON!