Saturday, June 18, 2011

Phase Two of Deathwatch Tonight

As you can see, I spent a grueling afternoon preparing for the second phase of my roleplaying group's Deathwatch campaign. Phase one of Deathwatch consisted of us carousing around as everyone's favorite power armored super-giants using the FATE system of rules. It was a great fit, and we played four sessions and wrapped up with a very episodic, season finale style cliffhanger.

Well the sun has set on those heroes, that storyline, the GM, and those rules.

We made characters a while back, which is why I had posted all of that background information on my Sons of Minos chapter. This evening we launch the first game of phase two. We'll be using the core rules by Fantasy Flight, Andy is stepping into the player's circle while T-Bone is going to take over GM duties.

I'm pretty excited about the launch of a new roleplaying campaign. We get in lots of other kinds of games; board, tabletop, minis, etc. but launching an RPG campaign is a big deal and only happens a couple of times per year, tops. Sure, we've busted out a handful of one-shot Fiasco games, which is a very fun game, but this is different.

Dirtside in seven hours!


  1. Interesting that you use FATE for Deathwatch. I really like the game, but it's just too complicated for my 'beer & pretzels' game group to get into, so we used Swords & Wizardry to replace much of the mechanics. Not a great fit, but simple & fun.

  2. This is great news! It'll be fun to hear your adventures. I'm still way behind (and to be honest only listen selectively) but it was both fun and I picked up a few tricks for my own RPG sessions.

    Using FATE for Deathwatch seems like an inspired decision, but it'll be interesting to hear your take on the official rules.

  3. @CFett: I guess we've used FATE so much for so many things that the group is just really used to them, they're not easier, but we're just proficient or whatever you would call it. We did our time in the FATE trenches though, it wasn't overnight! I've looked at Swords and Wizardry in the past, it looks fun.

    @Martin: Thanks Martin, there's some Fiasco episodes that are a riot, or so some of the listeners say, you may want to check those out. As for tonight, I'm going to miss FATE to be honest, but we'll see how the 'official' rules go!

    Dirtside in two hours gents!

  4. I keep hearing folks talk about FATE, I'm interested in rules lite games, that can tackle Sci Fi in a fun way. Wonder if I should finally give it a look?

  5. It's a really cool little system!

    For hard sci fi have a look at Diaspora (love it!). For some more space opera there's Starblazer Adventures.

    I'm partial to Diaspora as I'm a hard sci fi fan, but any Fate is good Fate. :)

  6. Deathwatch does seem like a cool roleplaying game. Get to play movie marines in the way the fluff is written where it would not play fair on the table top in 40K.

  7. @BBill: Like Martin says, it is definitely a cool little system. There's no straggler players in FATE though, everyone pulls their weight or they're left behind. I love FATE, be it Stablazer, home-brewed, Spirit of the Century, or what have you.

    @Martin: I'll have to check out Diaspora, there's nothing wrong with hard-sci-fi.

    @Eriochrome: You are definitely playing the marines like they're meant to be. Having played so much Dark Heresy in the past is nice, because we see just how much superhuman these genetic monster super soldiers are to the regular Throne agents we used to play.

  8. You game so much it's crazy. And enviable.

    A blog post recently steered me toward a brilliant RPG called "3:16, Carnage among the stars" by Box Ninja games. I think you may like it.

  9. Hehe! You're too late Spacejacker, they've been there already. I'm quite envious as well of your gaming habits Mik!

    Will probably try running 3:16 myself soon by the way.

  10. @Spacejacker: Martin's quite astute, we have been there but you know me well. I not only like 3:16, but I love it, it is indeed brilliant.

    @Martin: It is very forgivable to run for the new or veteran GM alike. I believe the Minions of the Monster Master have a 3:16 episode to boot.

    Episode links:

    Mik's Minis 3:16 action:

  11. Aaarrgh! Now I want these.

  12. Spacejacker those are awesome!

  13. @Spacejacker: Yeah! I saw those the other day while looking at the new sets, those human troopers would be perfect.