Thursday, July 7, 2011

LEGO Thursday: 4E Marching Order

More adventurers delve deep, this time in another edition

We did try our hands at fourth edition D&D, but it was a little slow getting off the runway. Unfortunately it didn't stick with our group, which is too bad, I really liked a lot of the stuff I saw in there and as with any game that I start to dig, I was ready to give it my best shot. We've got a lot of burners going in the game kitchen right now, but if someone said they were running 4e next week, I'd show up with a sketch, a backstory, and a LEGO fig!

Oh, and a word on 4e, which I can speak on since I've played every incarnation Dungeons and Dragons has served up: It doesn't matter if it's old school, second edition, home-brewed, or whatever. Are you enjoying a game with your buddies, rolling dice, and having fun? Yeah? Then who cares which edition you're playing, just make whatever you've got work.

A Half-Orc Barbarian and a Fire Genasi Sword-Mage

Teenage Human Mage and a Drow Thief

Human War Cleric and a Dragonborn Fighter


  1. I've always liked the way you use such disparate sets to make what you want it to be. I can tell what each piece is, but I can still see what you want it to BE.

    This is the kind of thing I aspire to when I do my mix n' matches.

  2. I always liked being tucked safely in the middle of the pack. It's that poor bastard in the back I worry about.

  3. Mik, your creativity and imagination always amazes me. I really like LEGO Thursdays!

  4. @CounterFett: Thanks, after reading all of your great Lego/Mega posts you know quite well the blocks just give us an 'in' and the rest is up to us. It's a fun medium (if it can be called that) to goof around with for sure.

    @Christian: Note it's the inexperienced teenage mage in the comfy zone this time around. Yeah, it's the guy in the back who just disappears without a sound and appears later as a plot-device you don't want to be!

    @Meatball: Thanks, there's plenty more to come. It's a good thing you like LEGO Thursdays too, because there's no putting down Red Dead Redemption, this might be all I've got for a while!