Saturday, July 9, 2011

One League Down, a New One to Go

I was planning on keeping the tennis updates here on a regular basis but that kind of got away from me as the 'season' marched on. Thanks for the words of encouragement on the last league updates when they were here. Basically that league, a USTA Men's 3.0 league, is over with.

I didn't go win-less, so it wasn't a total loss, but out of nine total matches I lost six of them. Having said that I feel two of them could've (should have) gone my way but didn't based on technicalities alone. The rest I lost quite soundly however. I'm not going to whine about it, I set out to get some exercise, lose a little weight, and have some fun. I wasn't exactly in a trophy hunt.

With that league and that team over, and just in time for hundred degree days with 90% humidity, I'm about to start a new league/team. This one is a USTA Mixed Doubles 6.0 league. Basically it's doubles, but the partners have to be opposite genders, and their combined total ability rank can't be above a six. This can show all kinds of a combination of players and challenging matches depending on how the opposition is put together. It's also weird because some of my team-mates from last time are now going to be my opponents.

My team has already had their first match, last night, and lost. There's six couples on the team but you only play three courts per match so I had last night off. Tomorrow is another match and that means it's go time for me.

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