Thursday, August 25, 2011

LEGO Thursday: Hardsuits

Posting all of these old pics is really inspiring me to go back and do something with some of these ideas. This was a series of attempts and test drives for me to see if I could feasibly work a solid "hard suit" design for mini-figs. The only part that's truly mini-fig here is the head, the rest of the suit is made up of fiddly bits.

Speed suit

Combat suit with melee and fire support

Armored flamethrower unit

Reaper-class gladiatorial chassis

Dual-sixshooter wielding Dinosaur Planet patrol suit

Standard enhancement suit

Maintenance suit, useful on high-grav worlds

Officer Friendly in his Riot Control and Interdiction suit


  1. Wow! Those absolutely beg to be used in some kind of wargame!

  2. there must be some mecha/gundam/robotech game these could be used in. aces bro, aces.

  3. Thanks you two. There's a great set of free rules I played at last Fall-In called Giant Stompy Robots that would be perfect. It's for huge, multi-story mechs, but a little tweak and you're good to go. Plus, as systems and weapons get destroyed it's easy to model on the go.

  4. Good idea, and I love how happy the samurai is!

  5. Good idea love the dinosaur patrol one. We need to see you do the pilot seperate :)

  6. @KG: You'd be happy too if you had a power suit and a katana!

    @Brumie: She's a tall drink of water, that's for sure.

    @Spacejacker: Thanks!