Monday, August 1, 2011

Lone Drantakh

This is one of those figures that has been sitting around for a while, Regiment Games' alien Drantakh, an excellent Bob Olley sculpt. They ran an "adopt a Drantakh" promotion a few years back, basically you got a single, free strings attached.

This was a nice figure to paint, and although my queue hasn't been that strenuous, I painted this one as a sort of break from the other stuff. For this reason I went with bright colors and tried to just have fun. He's the only one I have, and there wasn't any particular game I've got in mind, so he just kind of is. I went with a snow base to really make his bright colors stand out, and I've always been a fan of primary colored guns, so his is blue. Enjoy!


  1. He's an ugly blighter but a well painted ugly blighter.

  2. Very nice, maybe use him as an objective or something. I like the Yellow its really nice

  3. Thanks for all the comments y'all. I couldn't see myself painting up a whole unit of these critters but a single one was fun. He's too decked out to pull off an alien ambassador role, but he may be a lone merc or the like.