Friday, December 30, 2011

Holiday Loot Haul

I had said that this moment was coming, and that moment is upon us my friends...the holiday loot wrap up! Thanks to the amazing Amazon wish list, the giving gifts to Mik season is much easier. It may take some of the fun out of it but when you have hobbies as specific as ours any ole random present won't do! That being said, I was still in store for many a surprise this holiday season, one of which I'm wearing at the big family Christmas dinner party over yonder to the left. All right, enough, on to the loot.

Legends of Anglerre is one of those books I've had on my wish list forever and just never saw myself actually getting. It's also one of those books I kind of need because we do so much with it, especially as of late. I get by with the PDF, but for roleplaying books I kind of prefer, well, a book. Needless to say, I was very happy to pick that one up. Next up is the Thundarr DVD boxed set. Thundarr! As a kid I loved Thundarr and as an adult gamer now there are so many nuggets and gems to extract from it, especially for post-apocalyptic settings. If you don't know about the world of Thundarr, Lords of Light! Get to it!

Assassin's Creed Revelations follows suit and since I just conquered all of Skyrim, it's pretty good timing. Having played a little bit so far though I can see why it got lackluster reviews, it's more of the same without anything new. Mind you, if you loved the previous Assassin's Creed games like I have, then it's no problem.

I got a mandolin book as well, though mandolin playing isn't something I blog about it is something that I do from time to time, and this book in particular has a bit of a personal connection as well, so I was quite happy to unwrap this one. I also got a movie, the New World. In this day of Netflix and cable and what-not it takes quite a bit for me to want to permanently add a movie to the collection, but this is one of those movies.

My wardrobe grew as well, including a Captain America shirt, a Green Lantern shirt (whose tag claims it glows in the dark), and a rockin' San Fransisco Giants ball hat. Finally would be a pair of Two Hour Wargames 5150 rulebooks, the pseudo-rpg/narrative skirmish game New Beginnings and the campaign/scenario book First Contact. New Beginnings at first glance looks incredibly detailed and is easily over two hundred pages. It seems to have a little bit of everything in it so you can make your games as detailed as you want. First Contact is basically a set of scenarios designed around a central narrative; rebels on Mars breaking away from their Earth benefactors. For what it is it looks cool.

That's it for the loot wrap up, which means this year is fast coming to a close. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post, the third annual Year in Review. Until then, enjoy!


  1. I got the 5150 rulebook about a month back. Im definately into 15mm now, it being a lot cheaper than 28mm. Hope you have fun there. I'll have to check out that movie, it looks like something i'd watch. Looks like a great holiday !

  2. I have a real love/hate relationship with 5150, from way back though, I'm hoping this new injection of sci-fi goodness will set me right. As for New World, it's kinda slow-paced, almost artsy, but I recommend it for sure. All in all it was a good year at Mik's Minis, thanks!

  3. Mik, I 'm sure you'll love 5150:NB. It's very immersive.

    Happy New Year.


  4. Nice looking stuff. I had a serious nerd fest over here with Star Wars Blue Ray, Lord of the Rings Blue Ray plus Lego Slave 1 and Millennium Falcon.

  5. @David: Good to hear about the rules, I hope to actually get to grips with it soon after the holidays. Which is what? Tomorrow? Happy New Year to you!

    @Brad: Sheesh, somebody was extra good this year it sounds! I'm pretty excited for LotR on Blue Ray, can't wait to eventually get it. Jealous about the Falcon, nice catch.

  6. My Lord of the Rings movie collection is a bit absurd. The 3 Peter Jackson movies all on DVD, Extended Versions All on DVD, Extended Versions now on Blue Ray plus The animated Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and Return of the King on DVD.

    I have not opened the Falcon yet. We did the Slave 1 while watching the Empire Strikes back the other day.

  7. I have the Legends of Anglerre (hardcover) book too, and I love it. A heavy book, but well-written/illustrated. And best of all, a combination of FATE and fantasy! =)

    Been thinking of the 5150 games for a while. Have heard both good and bad, so I'm not sure what to do...

  8. @Mats: Hop the pond and get in on some of our FATE games! As for 5150, there's lots of options. The rules do take some 'dedication' to getting to grips with and understanding all the nuances, but I think the newer revised editions have gone a long way to making them user-friendly. Choose your flavor, squad-based combat (Book 1) or Immersive RPG-style Narrative (Book 2) and see what you think.

  9. @Mik: Thanks for the 5150 clarifications. If I decide to buy them (which most likely will be the case), I will probably end up with both (too hard to choose one or another)! =)

  10. Don't get me wrong Mats, they have a huge following for a reason, and the new editions definitely seem clearer than ever before. If and when you get them, just be ready to dedicate some time to learning the rules, once you do however the payoff is great. Very good for solo play too.