Thursday, December 22, 2011

LEGO Thursday: Water Merchant and Retinue

It didn't take long to port all the new (at the time) fantasy figs over to my preferred genre, that of sci-fi. Similar to a post-apocalyptic environment, I saw this as a chance to create something of a harsh, backwater world away from the prying eyes of the galactic center.

Here power and wealth boil down to who controls what commodities. I decided on water as the number one commodity, and the ghastly looking gentleman in the black cloak is the water merchant. Sure I'm using a skeleton head, but it could easily be some type of alien. For his bodyguard I went with the Orcs, they're brutish enough to stand in for hired muscle, and with the green skin and protruding canines, they're easily recognizable enough as any number of thick browed sci-fi staple, reptilian or otherwise.

The Water Merchant

Bodyguard and right-hand man with heavy pistol, armor, and data-slate

Praetorian with impact shields, assault rifles, and heavy armor

Standard gear of a house praetorian is as follows. They are equipped with heavy armor, flexible in movement but thick enough to stop standard small arms as well as blast damage with reasonable tolerance levels. It also has a built-in nutrient suite and waste recyclers.

The helmet of the praetorian is the most recognizable on the streets, and one of the most sophisticated pieces of equipment for a non-status individual around. The wealth and influence of the water merchant ensures that the soldiers under his employ have only the best. The helmet has a full-spectrum sensor suite with auto-weapon link-up and target assistance software. It also boasts an impressive HUD that maintains a constant link with the control room back at the merchant's compound where vital signs, communications, and other information are continuously monitored.

The impact shields are another sought after piece of high technology. They incorporate a small-yield repulsor shield similar to the type found on bulk cruisers. This extends the coverage beyond the physical perimeter of the shield itself to cover most of the user. An optional mode that can be utilized is where both shields are planted into the ground and can converge to create a force bubble around the users and have room enough for one or two occupants in the center. This mode will quickly drain their power reserves, but can provide for a highly protective shield barrier at a moment's notice.

Rounding out the kit of the praetorian is their assault rifles. Made of high-grade materials and of a quality standard unknown among standard small arms, these rifles are an effective and reliable asset in the field. They are equipped with HUD links that co-witness with the helmet. The rifle itself has a variable ammo hopper which can switch between two different types of ammunition with just the flip of a switch. Praetorians usually carry multiple magazines of various types of ammunition on their person. In addition to the variable ammo, there is also an underslung, high-yield kinetic slug-thrower useful for large targets, breaching entries, and the like.


  1. One of my faves too, thanks!

  2. Classic .... love it my friend

  3. Great builds, I get inspired to buy more lego every damn Thursday now! How do you store your Lego bits so you can find the parts you need?

  4. @Joe: Thanks, these are some of my favorites.

    @SJacker: All of my small bits and mini-fig bits are kept in tool/screw container like you would find at the hardware store. It's a basic 9x12 or so plastic box with a lid with lots of moveable dividers. I have about five of them or so, they turn out to very handy. Maybe I'll do a post on LEGO storage.

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    1. Pretty cool product, thanks for the link.