Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Night Miller 001 ~ Introductions

Hey Everybody! Chris “Bi3cuit” Miller here to throw some of my artwork at your eyeballs. A few of you may know me from my postings over at MotMM. To the rest of you asking yourselves, “Who the hell is this guy?” Allow me to introduce myself; I’m an awesome aspiring (feel free to think that means awe-inspiring) artist from the Amish enchanted lands of the Northeast United States. I am particularly handy with a Prismacolor Col-Erase, 20044 Blue, Pencil and Wacom tablet. I’ve got degrees in Graphic Design and Animation and a passion for drawing that exceeds my imagination at times. My interests range from the Avengers to Zombies (get it? A-Z word play!) and I draw inspiration from all of them.

Mik has been asking me to drop some art postings here at Mik’s Minis for a while now and, obviously, I finally agreed. I’ll admit though that I had some qualms about what exactly to post. So many options to choose from, where do I begin! What do I want the world to see? Should I post just raw sketches, a web-comic, genre specific artwork, concept work, my own personal pieces, tutorials, stuff from art school??????? *click* Why not all of it?
Challenge accepted!
That little problem out of the way I had to next decide what my first post should be. I knew out of gate I had to show something that hopefully depicted how I work. My favorite thing to check out in anyone's collection of work is their sketches. I love to see the process of creation through trial and error. Raw lines, erased mistakes, and loads of half-finished ideas that eventually evolve into the final piece. To me a sketch displays the most character that concept will ever have. That ideal in mind I set off with the task of scouring through my sketchbooks. I had my still growing, over a decade old collection of sketchbooks and drawings sprawled out all over the living room floor. It was like flipping through old photo albums. Oh the memories... Now one thing I confess and think you should know about me is that I am a very forgetful person. It is horrible how much I forget on a day-to-day basis. There have been knockdown drag-out fights with the wife about what I have forgotten. But combing through those dusty yellowing sketch books I could tell you what song I was listening to or had stuck in my head at the time, which DVD I had playing in the background, which room and piece of furniture I was sitting in, what I was eating and/or drinking, how long it took to complete. Its crazy how it all came back as I flipped through the pages with a smirk on my face and I hadn’t even gotten to the many flash drives and digital back-ups I have stashed away. Two hours later and I still had no clue what I should post first. Then it hit me again. Why not all of it??

So here you go…

Okay, I didn't really show you all that I had to offer. What kind of weekly blog feature would this be if I gave you everything in the first post? I’m thinking of the future after all. Sky's the limit! A lot of the artwork featured in this particular post was pulled heavily from my art school sketch books. At the time I had to keep the designs simple as they would of ended up being animation projects that had to be completed within a semester.

I'm eager to show what I've got and everyone can look forward to seeing more sketch dumps (or not, we'll see how this one worked out!) and an array of other artworks ranging from sci-fi to fantasy, concept art to web comics, the possible to the impossible, and probably quite a bit of Lego inspired concept drawings. Much like Mik, I am a big fan of the minifig and brick. I might even take some requests.

Anyface, I look forward to seeing everybody from the Mik’s Minis community in the comments section and here's hoping you want to see more of what I've got to offer.
~ Enjoy


  1. I think I speak for all of us when I say it's a good thing you came on board!

  2. I like what i see. My brother is about to enter schooling soon for illustration so ill point him here too. Its nice to see what others of similar interest create when they finish the schooling you plan for.

    1. If he has the option I suggest your brother take-up all the studio courses he can. These classes are where you will learn the most especially if they consist of in-class critiques. They can be brutal but if you really listen to the comments on your pieces during each critique and apply them to your mindset for future artworks it can make them so much better. I don't know where I would be ability-wise without studio classes like "Human Anatomy" and even "Basic Drawing 101" and the many critiques involved.

  3. You know Im already a big fan, great stuff and looking forward to more!

  4. Hey Spacejacker, Thanks a lot and you've got it!

  5. Hey, the second posting - the one with all of the Halloween/Nightmarish characters intrigues me. Is there a story there? Were you just doodling around, or were those drawn for something specific? How about that last picture with all of the Lego characters?

    BTW, the Mik's Mini's logo blew me away. It never occurred to me to cast people as Lego minis. That's completely and totally brilliant.

    1. The mummies and Tiki-looking dude were from a group animation that I pitched for my 3D class. It was actually selected but the final product wasn't the best as a lot of group members failed to meet their deadlines. The large undead fellow and lizard hero/cowboy are from a character concept/modeling assignment. I ended up going with the lizard cowboy; he just had more character and a revolver...

      The minifigures are from a current idea I'm working with based off of exploring more into the recent Heroica theme at minifig-scale. For fun.

      Yea I liked the idea of a Mik-Minifigure with a Nerf toy gun. If you look closely I gave him the shorty legs since he recently acknowledged he was one of the shortest in the Minions grouping. Gotta represent accuracy or else it all goes out the window...