Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Night Miller 006 ~ More Collaborative Ventures

Hey Everybody! Monday Night Miller here with another collaborative project from college. This time around it was going to be a stop-motion animation. The story behind this short film was going to be based around a king of the hill monster battle in which every combatant did his best to yell, scream, or roar his opponent off a monumental peak and be the last monster standing. I think the tenative title was "King of the Yell!". I did alot of concept work for this project and helped design a good chunk of the monsters. While I have the sketches of the monsters; I never got any pics of the final models which I sadly regret. Trust me though they were awesome. Anyways...


~ Enjoy


  1. Great stuff... Im a huge stop motion fan!

  2. As am I! So these became actual stop-motion models? Dude, send an email, get some pics!