Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Rucht Hour: Unboxing the Kraken

So, recently, I saved up some money for Privateer Press's Kraken model. It's one of their Colossals line, which features massive models for use on the battlefield. Their Hordes line features the Gargantuans, which are their massive warbeasts.

Since Cryx is my main faction, I saved up for this one. I'm showing you guys an unboxing. When I get it assembled, I'll show you guys that as well. And then, of course, the final product once it's paint. As a 100 dollar purchase, I'm taking my time with this one.

 There's the box! 

 All pieces laid out

This is a neat feature they've started to include with all of their warjack models - wreck markers. When a warjack is slagged on the field, it becomes rough terrain. 50% of the time, we have to scramble to proxy in a wreck marker. Finally, they've included one in the kit. It's made from thick cardboard, too. Nice!  

The resin appears to be high quality. 

The model itself, as you can see, is both resin and metal. The resin mold for the Kraken appears to be much better than the resin mold was for the Wraith Engine, which I also assembled. The Wraith Engine resin mold had a bubble in it and was bent so that I had to dip it into boiling water to make it fit. I have had not such problems with the resin this time. I did need to clean up the model with an pen knife, but that's par for the course for any model.

That's all for now - I'll post more of this baby when I get it put together.


  1. Looking good. The wreck marker is a great bonus

  2. While I like some of the warmachine sculpts this one does not appeal to me at all.

  3. I like the sculpt because the other Colossals are anthropomorphic. This one is distinctive because it looks insectiod.