Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Rucht Hour: Alpha Wolf Pack Update

It's been a while since the last Alpha Wolf Pack update. Here's a more detailed look at the Ith'k, an enemy the Minions of the Monster Master fought in one of their podcasts

The Ith'k

The Ith’k are a large group of alien constructs based in Alpha Centauri system. They appear mainly on the planet of Persephone, but also appear on Argus and Orpheus. It is debated whether or not the Ith’k are an actual species of alien, since it is unknown whether they are alive or not. As far as observers can tell, the Ith’k are following some form of complex program or protocol left over by their creators who are long since dead.

The body of an Ith’k is cold to the touch and is made of large colonies of nanites. The Ith’k themselves are unnerving to look upon. Each is a tall humanoid with gray skin, towering over most humans at the height of seven to eight feet. When typically encountered, the Ith’k are usually motionless, found usually standing about the ancient temples which are attributed to their construction. When encountered in this way, the Ith’k are said to be in their ‘sleep’ state. 

The Ith’k typically gather around large, complex structures which are colloquially known as temples. These large complexes are only named temples because there currently exists no other designation for them - the precise purpose of these ancient buildings is still unknown.

Each Ith’k temple is thought to exist in multiple dimensions beyond our normally perceived four. For that reason, each temple has features which seem to stutter in and out of existence. For example, an Ith’k temple might have doors which flicker in and out of existence. It might have barbed rooftops that bear angles that are impossible to count - the number of angles counted by those observing them continually changes.

It is not known how one rouses an Ith’k from its sleep state. There are known expeditions which have go so far as to break pieces of the Ith’k off or even destroy them, producing no reaction. However, there have been known expeditions that have awoken the Ith’k by simply getting near them or even just by observing them from afar. There appears to be no consistency as to what will awaken an Ith’k or not. One thing is certain, however. Ith’k who have been awoken by humans tend to go into an aggressive state. 

Their primary form of attack spawns from the nanites that comprise their bodies. These nanites can swarm from Ith’k bodies and electrify victims they contact. These swarms appear to be long, undulating columns of grey mist that spark with energy. The Ith’k can also somehow drain energy from human technology. Power suits, weapons, vehicles - anything that is powered by humans can be shut down if the Ith’k choose to drain power from it.

The most dreaded ability of the Ith’k, however, is their so-called drinking ability. When they come into contact with human beings, they start to take on the appearance and personality traits of those they contact. They may start repeating phrases that a particular person says often. Their faces make take on similar appearances to those they contact.

As Ith’k make more and more contact with humans, their apparent autonomy and intelligence grows. There are reports of Ith’k who, after drinking several humans, were able to converse with their victims briefly before killing them, though it is not know what precisely was talked about. 

Incidents abilities:
The Director is able to invoke Incident abilities by spending Incidents. The Director gains Incidents each scene that players have Crucibles and do not invoke them. 

Something Surrendered:
You can feel insects crawling all over you. You feel as if things are crawling underneath your skin. Tiny bugs are skittering inside of your skull. You have a choice:

1)     The Ith’k have gotten inside of your mind and are trying to read all of your thoughts and memories. Take on a Crucible as they turn your own thoughts against you.
2)     The Ith’k have gotten into your skull, but you push them out. Instead, the minds of the soldiers under your command have been compromised. The Ith’k get to automatically succeed on one roll against them.
3)     You and one of the Ith’k are now locked in a mind link. Twice in this mission, you may Invoke a Virtue to know generally what the Ith’k are doing, but each time you do this, the Director gets another Incident, because the Ith’k get access to your mind as well. 

The I in You: 

Your personality is becoming intertwined with that of an nearby Ith'k. Choose:

1)     You and the Ith'k share your language. For the next scene, you cannot speak except in an alien tongue, but while this is happening, you can understand any Ith'k writings. 
2)     As you both share senses, you can see through the eyes of the Ith'k, but all Ith'k are aware of your location. You and anyone with you are considered to be in plain sight. 
3)  You begin to lose yourself in the dreams of the Ith'k. You begin to hallucinate wildly of an ancient time. You gain the knowledge of a piece of Ith'k lore. However, the Ith'k nearby increase their intelligence by three factors, since they now understand your technology. 


  1. That's a great blend of ideas, some very complementary moods working together. The interactions in the lists would be good fun to play out.

  2. It's good to see another AWP update. I'm liking the foe, pretty original stuff.