Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thor's Day Hero: Leliana

Another videogame heroine joins the ranks of Thor's Day Heroes this week. Leliana the Orlesian Bard from the videogame Dragon Age is among us. As with Tali, inducted some time ago, Leliana is sort of an optional character you could employ in your party as often or as little as you liked. If she was just a part-time hero for you, all of her details may not have fully come out.

I forget the mission, but there was a demon prince peering into everybody's souls, combing for hidden truths and desires. It was one of those game moments I didn't see coming. Everything up to that point I thought I knew about Leliana, based on what the character said in-game, turned out to be false. She wasn't a chaste bard seeking religious pilgrimage, she was an assassin on the run. Hey, she was good with a bow, and that was good enough for me then, and it's good enough for me now. Welcome aboard Leliana, play nice.


  1. ...And the other game moment you didn't see coming was the shopkeeper. Awkward.

  2. Haha, yeah, that one was...unexpected. Awkward indeed.

  3. I still like Merrill better.

    1. I liked her as well. It's really hard to pick actually, especially in the first game which is so great.