Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday night Miller 013 ~ Revisits

Hey Everybody! Monday Night Miller returns! Big Thanks! to Mik with his "Tuesday Art Leftovers" postings to fill the gap for the past couple of months. What can I say? Work got busy. Whatcha gonna do? Anyways for today's posting I thought I'd revisit an idea I had way back in my early college days. The idea came about during a course project in which we had to develop some characters and the world they exist in. 
My idea was probably the goofier of the bunch but I still think it has some promise. Every now and then I'll pull out some of the old sketch books and add some more work into the mix. The main cast consists of three focal characters. An ambitious trouble-making imp (Doug), his best bud - a hellfire sprite (Flick), and a wannabe grim reaper (T[Hana]toss). The premise behind this world is about the main character, Doug, who aspires to someday be a full fledged demon. He enlists his pal Flick in a venture to help them get noticed with the upper level demons. Unfortunately Doug doesn't get much respect, I mean who is gonna take a name like "Doug the Demon" seriously?, and he is given a "very important" job watching over a secure hell gate disguised as a taco stand. Assuming it to be a simple task to give without giving any actual responsibility, the upper level demons are surprised to find Doug and Flick have somehow managed to crack the seal and let a bunch of spirits, demons, and creatures loose. The duo are then tasked with returning the released monsters back to the seal or else they can never return to Hell. A task to surely get them killed... 

Meanwhile an up-and-coming grim reaper named Thanatoss is looking to get his scythe and robes, however, he is thrown a curve ball when Death gives him one last assignment. In order to become an honorary reaper and a true master of death he must keep a certain duo alive until they fulfill their goal of becoming demons. No easy task indeed. Thanatoss's personal brand of seriousness doesn't blend well with Doug and Flick's complete lack thereof. They change his name to Hana and comedic banter ensues. The now team-of-three run the taco stand during the day and track down the gate escapees at night. Fun right? That's the idea in a nutshell!

Here's my  protagonist, deuteragonist, and tritagonist of "Taco on the Street" (Its also the name of the taco stand - it literally looks like a giant taco sitting on a street corner! ~ patent pending)

~ Enjoy!


  1. Love the art, and the backstory is great!

    As you know from real life, running a Taco Truck is a dream of mine. Maybe I can make a cameo as a rival antagonist or something? It'd be me, my grandfather reincarnated as a dog, and his caretaker a mentally unstable angel or something.

  2. Great art especially the protagonist!