Saturday, February 23, 2013

Friday Rucht Hour: Miniatures Assemble!

So, this past Friday evening, we got together for our usual round of Warmachine, but this time we did something different. Instead of playing a game, we sat, assembled, painted, and chatted. Many of us hadn't seen each other over the winter very much and also - many of us just needed a kick in the pants to get painting again.


For myself, that means the Kraken. Here's where I am with that.

Still need to finish the body he's holding and the bottom of the figure. Also, I'll need to finish the base, give the whole thing a wash, and the most important thing - add verdigris to the carapace so it looks like it's been in the ocean for a while. 


Rob's mission was to assemble his fenblades. Now, these were plastics, which was a first for us at the Warmachine table. The plastic figs were rigid and solid. Not as flimsy as some plastic models I've seen, but still not the same as metal for me. The pieces fit together very well, snapping together nicely. We did have to dip a few of the models in boiling water to get them to bend right so that their parts could fit. The big downside I saw to these was they were not as easy to mod. Weaker plastic is actually more forgiving when it comes to modding, but doesn't have as nice a "feel". 

I'm sure many of you are familiar with using rare earth magnets on your minis to make them posable, storable, or easily modified. Well, we have Rob's first models with magnets. This model can be a Troll Bomber or Mauler, depending on the type of head and armaments he chooses. Warmachine is pretty found of this modifiable kits, allowing you to buy a single model body type and mod it to be different things on the battlefield. The pictures below demonstrate a simple hand switch.


Nick's big project of the night was unboxing and assembling the Mercenary Colossal figure - the Galleon. Here are many pieces of the Galleon....

The pieces were all resin or metal. And there were many of them. More pieces than the Kraken. At least it seemed like it. Also, many of the pieces had large chunks of flashing on them. So far, Privateer Press's work with resin has not impressed me. I love the heft and feel of resin, but come on, guys. The two knobs on these pieces below are flashing, not pegs or intended pieces of the model. 

To give you some sense of the size of the Galleon mini, check out this! The first picture is the Galleon's chest piece and the second is the Galleon's trident, which it can launch against enemies. Finally, it does come with a thick cardboard wreck marker, just like the Kraken did. I must say, these large, well-made wreck markers are a nice touch. 

All right! That's all for now. Let us know what you're assembling! 

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  1. We haven't had a day like this ourselves for age, we hope to soon, good food, good company and good laughs!