Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thor's Day Hero: Sarah Connor

The ultimate tough chick, Sarah Connor. From oblivious waitress to hardcore mother of the leader of humanity's resistance against robot overlords, Sarah Connor has more in the hard-as-nails department than anyone we've seen here at Thor's Day Heroes, male or female! She is tough but more than that, as a recurring theme of my favorite characters, she is fractured and her psyche is beyond repair. She has seen the the form of homicidal, unstoppable killer robots sent to destroy her and her son. If they succeed, the world of mankind ends. No pressure, right? Welcome aboard Ms. Connor, make yourself at home but try not to carve anything on the picnic tables please.


  1. She had such a transformation from the first movie to the second, tough bitch.

    1. The toughest Fran, and that's why she's a Thor's Day Hero!