Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Garden Time Again at Mik's Minis

Nice, clean beds (an my daughter's foot!) are what you see here. That means it's time to get the garden on once again!

The one big change this year is I have scaled back garden operations by at least half. It just got to be too much work near the end and we found out that there is such a thing as having too much produce. 

First up are the 'maters. You gotta have them and there's nothin better than heading down to the garden to get a tomato or two to slice up or burgers or what-not. This year I've gone with two 'better boy' tomatoes and a single cherry tomato plant. 

I figure the lone cherry tomato gets it's own pic. It may not look like much here but it will. Frankly I'm not a huge cherry tomato fan, but they're hard to deny in salads and appetizers. 

I apologize for the blurry pic here, especially since jalapeƱos are my favorite part of gardening!  It feels weird just having two of these plants, but they will suffice. The key is staying on top of them and constantly prune and pick them. 

Last, but not least, are a pair of bell pepper plants. Down from three last year. I'm going with one red and one yellow, ditching the green altogether. 

And strangely enough...that's all there is! I counted six beds from last year that I won't even be using. I will give those over to my daughter for flowers more than likely. As you know, the "planting" post is just the beginning, I'll get progress pics along the way as they grow. Rock on. 


  1. Rest in peace, Giant Illegal Mutant Squash. You will be missed.

    1. And yet, black government helicopters have stoppe flying over my house.

  2. I had a panic attack just thinking of you working in a garden, I need a rest now.

    1. I know! Everyone can relax now, don't worry folks...I AM gardening this year!!!