Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Versus the Infinity Engine

I just had to keep digging didn't I? It was too much to turn back, and kept getting better! First there were those degenerate cavemen with their rayguns, obviously they were too dumb to have made them but got their guns from somewhere else. 

Dig a little deeper and I find the "gods" the cavemen worshipped, but they were just another snake cult. Mutant snake people sure, but I'm not buying that they were divine. Their tech was even more impressive and matched the cave slobs to boot. 

These ruins became older and more ruin-er as I made my way towards the heart of the mountain. Then, when I didn't think I could go further, newer tunnels began to appear. Not new construction, just better construction obviously from before the fall. Lights, vents, steel...

The first sentry I took out was a cross between a cyborg and a synthetic. I saw those eyes though; cold and calculating. This whole dang area was a giant hive of these cy-blanks. This is where the tech was coming from, and it was still working! These guys had me pegged ever since I bashed in the sentry's head. They had me dead to rights, I didn't even have time to mount a proper defense. 

I wake up eye to, err, whatever this thing is. It's their hive mind, their collected brain. It's in my brain I think. 

This ain't good. . 


  1. Well, I'd zing that hive mind with my Infinity Bender, in the key of C.

    1. No. You need a Singularity Cannon.

      Singularity + Infinity = One of everything.

    2. "I'm not programmed to respond in that area"

    3. We make a great team, Amigos!