Wednesday, March 4, 2015

FATE Star Bastards

It's been so long I can now safely say, "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..." and yes, it was about half a year ago so that definitely counts!  We whipped up some characters with the excellent FATE roleplaying game, using just the $5 Accelerated edition (hey, it's also free).

The setting; original trilogy Star Wars and as the title suggests, think of a fusion between Star Wars and Inglorious Bastards with just a tad of camp thrown in for good measure.  

We had played a one-shot of this even further back without a plan going in and it really took on a life of its own, so this was our purposeful attempt to recapture that moment.  Also, we were doing that on a much larger scale, player wise.  Lets' meet the cast!

What's more Star Wars than a Jawa?  And frankly, they need to be in the limelight a little more than scavenging on Tattooine.  As far as player characters go, this one is really need because the droid carried on his back is also part of the character.  Basically two half characters played as a whole, an inseparable duo.  It works, and makes for both a neat visual as well as some fun roleplaying moments.  Role: tech and acquisition

Next up we have a 'dark' Jedi.  Yes, the stereotype is very cliche now, but this one has a twist.  He started as a fledgling Jedi, and received more and more training from his Rebel alliance mentors so he could be turned into a double agent acting as a Dark Side initiate.  Well, the operation was a disaster and when he tried to return to the alliance they served him his burn notice.  He's a bit disgruntled at that, definitely in the 'you don't want to make him angry' department.  Role: Force presence

Speaking of disgruntled, we have our next PC.  Part of the original line of Clone Troopers that was scrapped for the 'Fett' line.  Series one clones were superior in many ways, but prone to a host of psychological disorders, the most common being severe aggression.  Trained for combat, enhanced by superior genetics, this ex-trooper is on the warpath.  Role: soldier, combat

Logistics and operations don't run themselves, and when this mercenary company has so many loose cannons there needs to be someone with a cool head and an eye for numbers.  Enter the Mon Calamari businessman and his catch phrase, "Always tell me the odds!"  Role:  Comptroller

If Jawas don't scream 'Star Wars' then rogue scoundrel pilots do.  This guy is just in it for the money, the ships, and the women.  He's charming, he's quick on the draw (ahem), and he drives a hard, but fair bargain.  Hired originally for his ship and piloting skills, it was quickly found he wasn't too bad in a firefight either.  Role:  Pilot

Finally this Trandoshan muscle is the consummate merc.  He's also tough as nails, and good with gun and blade.  He's not the smartest member of the troupe (by a longshot), but he can take a punch and has no qualms about being the first to kick in the door.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, this was a lot of fun! It'll be nice to get back to this genre.

  2. Where are those weapons from?

    1. Some of them are from Brick Forge and Brick Warriors. Maybe a Brickarms thrown in there but I don't think so.

  3. The Plan: Wait for the signal, then...
    Trandoshan: I kicked in the door.

    How close was I? Hopefully see you back in Space in 6 days!!!