Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Prosecutor Scrolls WIP

Just a quick three step process tonight on those long, flowing scrolls that cleverly connect the flying Prosecutors to their bases. Speaking of bases; first base coat Zandri Dust is applied, two thin coats but a heavy coverage. 

Next up a little Agrax Earthshade, making sure to really work it into the recesses. Then watch a couple of episodes of your favorite show while it dries. 

Finally go in with your White Scar and a small brush and hit all those raised areas and edges. I also did a drybrush-like technique over some of the runes and glyphs themselves to get more coverage. 

Next up should be the wings, and I can tell you they've already proven to be harder than you'd think. A quick and easy basing after that, and voila! 

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