Monday, September 14, 2015

Beastman Army WIP

Hey all! Work on the Skull Keep I showed last time commences, I hope to wrap it up this week. As for my next project I've got lined up I'll be doing a Beastman army for the new Age of Sigmar fantasy rules. 

Shown above is my x20 strong unit of Gors; your standard Beastman. They're equipped with a single axe and a crude shield. Good models, lots of character, and little details that'll make the painting aspect stand out. 

I've always wanted to do a Beastman army, ever since their write up in the old GW sourcebook the Lost and the Damned. I'd like to take the 'chaos' out of the equation however and run these as your noble savages who aren't bent on death and wanton destruction but more of an overzealous and brutal defense of their homelands and nature. A fine line, sure, but a line nonetheless. 

The unit above are the Bestigors, a more elite type of Beastman. They're bigger and stronger, have some semblance of armor, and all carry large, two-handed axes. 

I do have my eyes on at least one more character model, but until then I've got the Great Shaman to bolster the troops. He came with a very nice decorative base, unfortunately it was square, and converting to the new rules in going round. I lucked out and found a couple of resin bases in my bits, some Gorilla Super Glue later and voila! One of his spells lets him summon a single monster, so I'm looking at some options there. 

Finally I'm quite happy with how my quickie conversion for a Beast Lord turned out. I used the Skarr Bloodwraith model and left off the skull plates and Khorne symbols as well as cut off the whipping chains from the axes. Then I simply added a head from the Gor box and the horns from the Bestigor box and, boom, instant Beast Lord! 

We're starting up a slow-grow league so hopefully I'll get some pics of these guys in action too. Longer term army additions I'm looking at are some chaos war hounds, which I'll trim off a lot of the excess horns and run them more akin to feral wolves, and I'll add one of the giant sized Gor models to the retinue as well. 

Next post I hope to have some paint on these guys, or at least an undercoat!


  1. Looking forward to seeing progress on the League. I do like the beastlord. That's a great idea.

    1. And a round based Skarr comes out soon making this conversion even easier.

  2. Looking forward to the painting myself.

    1. Me too, primer goes on today!

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    1. Thanks man, good to see you back on the webz

  4. Never ever put the Realms of Chaos books when talking about aos, it's the game that killed the setting of RoC books, it has nothing to share with them.
    Laurence Blanche