Sunday, August 19, 2007

Lego Intersystem Fueler

I whipped up this little MOC (my own creation) with the intent of making some type of refinery and refueling ship, all in one. My idea was that it would tool around a system, collecting raw materials such as small asteroids, and convert them to a fuel source. Then it can tool around a bit more, refueling ships in the area and what-not. I'm using micro-scale, which isn't exactly standardized, but close enough, the scale is large, but the bricks used are minimal. The pic shows it fueling an escort frigate, which is a pretty good size already, hopefully giving the notion that the refinery ship is huge, albeit a bit sluggish. You can see more pics of it at my Brickshelf gallery.

I post most of my completed MOCs on the Classic Space forums, and I was pretty surprised to see that I made the 'Week in Review' for my ship, pretty nice accolades amongst such a veteran crew of builders. Not only did my refueling ship make it, but a group of Moon Rovers I did also made it, making for a "double play". Check it out here.

Well if I was pleasantly surprised with making the front page of Classic Space, I was outright amazed to see that my clunky little fueler also made the front page of the Brothers Brick site. This being the Lego news site out there, reporting on MOCs of jaw-dropping design from all over the world. Now I'm not saying mine fits in with the latter, but it was nice to see it show up there nonetheless.


  1. I've picked up a little phrase that serves me well at this moment... Rock on Mik!

  2. No Michele, one "L", YOU rock on! ;)

  3. That's a really cool spaceship! I'm glad it got some well-deserved attention, congratulations! I like the addition of the escort frigate and think it gives a good sense of the larger fuel ship's scale and purpose. Thanks for the link, this along with a lot of your other Lego posts have me looking at the little blocks in a whole new light. Thank you, Gyro!

  4. Thanks for the kind words Padre JJ! To me, Legos and gaming naturally go hand-in-hand!