Sunday, August 19, 2007


Well, I've already got one post under my belt and I forgot to introduce myself! I'm going to try my hand at a journal here, mainly reporting on all things 'geeky' in nature. My main interests are miniature gaming, roleplaying, and the like, so the bulk of articles on here will reflect that. I'll also review books, movies, gaming supplements, and such, as I come across them.

I'm fortunate to have some great friends who share my interests, and no doubt it's because of them that I get to keep dabbling in these hobbies well into my adult years. Obviously, having a supportive wife who tolerates gaming sessions at the house, as well as counting her losses to some significant square footage downstairs goes a long way too! So, pop in, check things out, leave some comments, peruse all those links, and enjoy! Rock on...


  1. Dude! When are you going to update your blog? ;-)

  2. Yeah, for serious! I'm just not as productive as some, ahem. I'm "reading" a fantasy novel at the moment, but I keep falling asleep on the couch, every single night, while trying to read it. It's either boring, or getting adjusted to my new hours is exhausting...or a little bit of both. It's a Bob Salvatore book, so it's probably more the latter than the former.