Sunday, September 23, 2007

Projects, projects, projects...

Okay, I don't have as deep a queue as some, but for me, it stills seems like a lot. Here's some stuff in the works right now, some of it in the forefront, some of it on the backburner, some of it even still in the deep hole, so to speak. Up top here's what we've got on the top row: Top left, in this bag we have ten 40mm Native Americans, next to them is a Reaper "Eldritch Daemon" also known as good ole' Cthulhu, hopefully mine will end up looking at least half as good as Andy's, next up are a couple of packs of Traveler Vagr, those cool dog / wolf sci-fi soldiers, finally is a bag full of Quar, which looked too good to pass up, very alien and classic military to boot. Finally, on the bottom row; to the left are a couple o' Privateer Press Merc items, a Rockram heavy 'jack, and the Warcaster Durgen Madhammer, I may try to whip these out quick in a desert scheme, on the right is the Tau XV15 leader I've already posted. Here's some more stuff:

I mentioned we were kickin' around some 40k battles? Well, this Tyranid horde belongs to my good buddy Oz. When he showed up with them they were tossed into a cardboard box with nary any protection. They've been mothballed for some time, and when they came out, well, some came out in pieces. This army is a good example of 'tabletop' quality, and in force, they look great, they could use a little tweaking though, and I volunteered to help Oz get them back in shape. Here's the horde in all it's glory. I have been able to get a hold of sixteen of his 'Gaunts so far. Basically I whitened whites, picked out their armor plates with a brighter red, and gave a few key washed here and there to add some distinctive color. Oh, and I cleaned up and painted their bases, I'll go back when I'm done and give them all a dirt coat too. I hope I didn't bite off more than I can chew, heh. In the end, I think this'll turn out fairly well.

It's kind of funny these guys are still a work in progress. I've got a couple squads here of 15mm Star Grunt II figs, from the excellent folks at Ground Zero Games. The troops on the left are basically done, they just need to be dipped and based. The power armor troops on the right just need a little more drybrushing, and a couple of spots picked out, then dip and basing.

Speaking of Star Grunt II, there's a glaring line of silver down the middle of my otherwise complete army. These guys paint up fairly quick, I have no excuses. The other two empty spots are from the above two squads of partially finished units.

As you know, we've been playing a lot of Warhammer Quest lately, so I thought I'd spruce up the player characters a bit. I had this idea a while back, but never got around to implementing it, well, no time like the present. Basically I'm trying to find the best looking figs out there to represent the pc's, they don't have to be GW, just whoever has the 'good stuff'. Mostly, I keep going back to Rackham, their stuff rocks, and when it comes to fantasy, their stuff will fit quite well. There's some great characters in WHQ, and so far I think I've got some good models for a few; the Dwarf, a Wizard (also a Dwarf), a Pit Fighter, the Barbarian, and a Trollslayer. There's another Dwarf in there too, I don't know what to do with him, but he's a killer fig.

Here's some of that deep hole stuff I mentioned. Beyond backburner, these are still items that need to be completed nonetheless, even if they're low priority. I'll get around to them 'someday', sure, but part of the reason for doing this blog in the first place was to hold myself more accountable for the geekery. First up are a few figs from the old Warzone game, which was a pretty good minis game in hindsight. It's a couple of Praetorian Stalkers and Mistress of the Void Whats-her-name, all three from the Dark Legion faction. Anyway, I thought they'd be cool as 'boss monsters' or something in a game of 5150 or the like. Next up is a Wood Elf Dragon from GW. He's seen better days, he's been like this since, umm, the last move...five years ago. He'll get put back together, next time with pins, eventually. Finally, if you open one of the drawers to the painting desk, you'll find a ton of bits and pieces, you'll also find two unfinished SuperSystem teams. One will be a 'woodsy' team with a mix of GW and Mage Knight figs, the other is a basic bad guy team, made up of 'official' Superfigs. Mixed in there with them are some giant mushrooms I was going to do as some type of alien terrain. Mind you, terrain in general is my Achilles heal, so it's gonna be a LONG time before those see the light of day, lol!

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