Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Return of Sir Talon

If you look to the left, you can see his red cloak. That's right, the rumors of Sir Talon's death have been highly exaggerated. He's back, with a whole new party of adventurers to terrorize and plunder the vaults of the Old World. A gaming friend of ours, Rucht, (see the Witch Hunter entry) was going to be in town for a couple of days and had two full nights of geekin' out cleared. We decided to break out ole Warhammer Quest, for all the reasons I've mentioned before, it's just simply an awesome boardgame. Last Friday night we did some dungeon-hopping, but had a disastrous second dungeon, where a cave-in, in the objective room of all places, killed two of our party members. The Dwarf (Sgt. Biffen) and my Elven Ranger Mage character, Sir Talon, were able to make it out, but just barely.

The next night we cranked out even more questing goodness, finishing the last game, literally, at four in the morning! We were able to tackle a total of three dungeons Saturday night, another two the night before, we were on fire. After the last game we finally made it to a city and levelled up Sir Talon, the human wizard Thane, and Sgt. Biffen. We alo saw a new Elf, a Wood Elf archer named Troyan join the team.

Looking for sutiable alternate figs for the PC's I stumbled across a very cool Elven High mage, with both a sword and a staff, but it's a chick, so "Sir" Talon may have to be "Lady" Talon next time!

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