Wednesday, September 19, 2007

40k Fight Night

All right, the other night was the kickoff to our new 40k venture! It went well, we had three armies present altogether and no one had played a game in about five years, we were off to a good start, heh. We were able to fumble through the rules though and managed even to crank out some semblance of a game. Here's the pics from that night, enjoy! Above is a pre-game shot of the forces arrayed on the table. It was a three-way battle consisting of Andy, Jeff, and myself.

Jeff's Sons of Medusa Space Marine chapter.

Andy's Tyranid forces of Hive Fleet Ythogtha.

My humble patrol team of Tau forces (of which I've yet to name).

Fire Warriors spot Space Marine Scouts in the distance and advance behind derelict refinery equipment, Gun Drone in the foreground.

The Sons of Medusa Scouts advance confidently along the side of a shattered monolith.

Contemplating fields of fire, a Crisis Suit scans the target-rich Tyranid environment from atop a burned-out generator.

The Scouts close in melee with the Tau.

From behind the scuttling hordes of Gaunts, Tyranid Warriors stalk forward... does a brood of Genestealers.

The Scouts make extremely short work of the weaker Tau.

An XV-8 leaps into the middle of the Scouts, hoping to avenge the fallen Fire Warriors.

The remaining Crisis Suits tend with the charge of the Termagaunts.

The Scouts will have to earn their stripes today; after dispatching the lone Crisis Suit, a pair of Tyranid Ravagers emerge from underground tunnels to assault the Scouts.

In the end, it was the Sons of Medusa who won the day. Though they took some losses, they were able to successfully cleanse the area of both alien foe, and malign horrors. Although I personally had a terrible showing, I still had a blast nonetheless.

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