Saturday, October 13, 2007

Elf Ranger Mage

Lady Talon, a displaced High Elf who has become restless within the aristocratic circles of the Old World. She has turned her efforts to adventuring, and for a short time was the leader (umm, lantern holder) of a group of warriors. When Andar the Barbarian joined their ranks, to her chagrin, Lady Talon relinquished the responsibility of group leader to the musclebound Northerner. She shares a common arcane bond with the Wizard, Thane, yet she can hold her own in combat thanks to her array of magic rings, items, and fighting prowess. She is thankful for the presence of a cousin Wood Elf in the part, although she is openly arrogant towards Vynd.

Lady Talon is my second level character for Warhammer Quest, taking the Mage path of the Elf Ranger boxed set (as opposed to the Knight path). In addition to her standard stat line, she picked up an extra permanent wound thanks to a random traveling event. At second level instead of rolling up a new spell, she got the skill endure, once per adventure she can ignore the killing blow caused by a monster. Not bad, but I'd rather have a new spell. She's got enough gold (for now) to level up to third, if only we can find a city instead of constantly getting sidetracked by blizzards, plagues, and other maladies. She didn't cherry-pick the treasure cards, as some would suggest, ahem, but being the party leader for so long, she just happened to gain some powerful items.

First up are her rings, three in total. The Lightning Fire Ring; For a green item, this one is quite the gold producer. Once per adventure I can automatically strike a monster within line of sight for a whopping 5d6 damage, with no modifiers for armor or toughness. Invisibility Ring; Not as useful, this ring still comes in handy every now and then. For one turn I am immune to all attacks from monsters, yet I can still attack, it's good for ambushes and such. Ring of Regeneration; The last of my rings, this one will heal 2d6 wounds on the roll of a natural "6" each turn. It's not always reliable, but good to have just in case. No self-respecting Elf would go adventuring without their Boots of Swiftness, adding +1 movement while I wear them. These were super handy when I was the lantern bearer, but help out just as well now that I'm in the backfield. I've also got an Orb of Might, but I've been liberally using up its inherent magic power to help me cast spells. It's a neat item, but will be depleted by the end of the next dungeon I'm afraid. Last is my pride and joy, the Blade of Leaping Gold, which I painted the fig's sword to match the one on the card. Nothing fancy here, unless you consider +3 attacks per turn fancy, heh. Actually, in the hands of a Mage, or second line fighter, this blade is quite handy and can support the front line fighters quite well.

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