Sunday, October 7, 2007

New Toopers Hit Dirtside

After what seemed like forever, I finally finished up the last of my 'core' Star Grunt II army. I've gone with a variant on the Islamic Federation overall, but I picked the best looking units from Ground Zero Games to round it out. I am using Islamic Federation troopers however for one of my rank and file platoons, troopers in helmets led by a command squad wearing keffiyehs. The last of three helmeted trooper squads are shown above.

In SGII, Power Armor is the last word in infantry units. They are the elite of the elite, and on the battlefield they truly deserve the fear they spread. MY PA platoon is smaller than regular infantry ones, as it should be, and these guys form the last of three total squads. Islamic Federation troops don't have Power Armor figs in the GZG catalog, so I went with NSL Power Armor, 'cause it looks killer. The entire army, now well over a hundred figs, shares the same color scheme, so there's an overall Islamic Federation feel, even if I did mix and match units. I'll get around to taking some large army pics, and maybe post a nifty TO&E as well. It's not completely done, remember that line of silver through the middle of my box? It's done for a while at least...


  1. Those look great Mik! That game looks very fun.

  2. Thanks SV! SG is one of those "oldie but goodies" and chockful of gritty military sci-fi action.