Friday, October 5, 2007

Works in Progress

All right, I've been pretty busy lately, in both the geek sense as well as everything else. I feel pretty darn productive as of late though and I've got some stuff ready to post. That 'projects' post below has done exactly what I intended this blog to do in the first place...keep me accountable and on track with my stuff. I probably won't even get a chance to go downstairs, let alone get any work done this weekend, but this is what I've been up to. I finished up those two squads of Star Grunt II troopers, they're finished, based, and sealed. I also went out and picked up the elf fig I mentioned, and painted her up in time for a game of WHQuest last Wednesday night, I'm really pleased with how the paint job came out too. Last up, which is kinda funny, I put together some terrain. I know I said it's the last thing on my list, but damnit, I had to make some mushrooms. I took all of those random wooden 'shrooms I whipped up ages ago and actually did something with them. I also went to work with the hot wire cutter and made little black basalt stone towers. They'll "loom like colossi" in a 15mm game, but just be some stone pillars in 25mm. All in all, I feel good cranking out some of this stuff over the last week or so and I'll post some pics soon. In the meantime, enjoy these WIP pics; up top is my painting desk, the pic on the bottom is the overflow work area (the corner of the 8x4 gaming table). Rock on...

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