Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Fountain of Light

Looks like Warhammer Quest was this week's game, woohoo! In a stunning display of both stategery and trickery, the man whose idea it was to play, Oz, backed out at the last minute, haha. Nonetheless, we trudged on, and trudge we did. Ray was playing the human Wizard, Thane, another return for this now second level mage. Given the items he now carries, as well as the plethora of spells he now has, he was rockin'. Jon was present with his character, the Wood Elf Vynd and his magic bow, magic arrows, magic potions...yeah, he was rockin' too. I played Sir Talon, err, make that Lady Talon. All transgendered Elf jokes aside, I hit the local hobby shop and picked up the Reaper Elf Wizard I had wanted and got her all painted up. She turned out rather well and when I get some good light, I'll snap some pics. According to Andy he said, and I quote, "This is probably the best figure you've ever painted." Hmm, coming from him, I'll take that any day of the week. Anyway, Lady Talon was in the hizzy, with rockin' magic items and the like; our second level party was doing well...very well. One would say, almost too well. To round it all out, Andy rolled up a new character, a Barbarian named, ahem, Andar. That means I lost the lantern, ugh. Losing the lantern also means losing the treasure responsibility, and after I screwed Ray with a 3gp Bag too! We're going to have to review the lantern rules anyway, I think it switches hands every game in the roleplay extended rules, but I dunno. With as easy as we rolled through the dungeon, we're certainly going with second level monsters next time, Andar may have a bit of a tough time, but he'll level up easy after a dungeon or two with the group. For this last jaunt, we headed through the dungeon looking for the Fountain of Light, which serves as the well of fresh water for the town of something-or-other. Anyway, those pesky Skaven dumped some of their warpstone in the drinkin' water and voila, some adventurers get suckered in to investigate. Enter us, we rocked. I forgot to take pics during the dungeon, so the only pic I have to offer is the shot above, a flaunting pic of enough WHQ hardware to make even the most diehard fan jealous, heh.