Sunday, March 30, 2008

In the palm of my hand...

1. a chunk of meteorite

2. a fossilized vertebrae from a Velociraptor

3. a fossilized tooth of a Spinosaurus

4. a piece of coal from an engine of the RMS Titanic

5. a chunk of the Berlin Wall

6. a fossilized piece of a Pterosaur egg


  1. "The" Titantic? "The" Berlin Wall (not that there's another -- or very many walls in berlin?) & lot of dinosaur stuff. Cool!

  2. Hey man, do you still have these? My boy likes Velociraptors and Spinosauruses, and fossils in general, he'd love to see these.

  3. Unfortunately no; I had a very small window of opportunity with these. Pretty much as soon as they all left my hand, they went back into their secure, little boxes...