Sunday, March 23, 2008

Leap of Faith

Wow, twelve days since my last post, sheesh. Not a "real" geek post in sight either. I certainly haven't had time for any miniature gaming and/or painting. Actually, there hasn't been too much gaming of any type going on. This is my final stretch before not only the summer, ahh, blissful, easy-going summer...but it's also the final stretch before graduation. Mind you, the next month-ish isn't going to be a cake walk, my dance card is filled up, I anticipate a lot a work ahead in not a lot of time. There's an unfamiliar feeling that's been creeping up in my psyche, I think it's tired. Not the usual kind of tired from lack of sleep or what-not, just an overall weariness, like I'd imagine a long distance runner might go through in the last twenty minutes or so of a seven hour race. Of course, I have to imagine that last part...'cause you'd never find me in a marathon, heh.

It's the easy things that have been catching my fancy since I don't have proper time to dedicate to the more complex hobbies. I might not be able to sit down and build and paint a new unit of Dwarves, or tackle any of a number of painting side projects, but there's other things to occupy my time. I've been getting into Lego's again, as mentioned, the new castle sets are pretty rockin'. I've also got my trusty Xbox, which is a great diversion when called upon. Time constraints are still killing me, but for a quick half hour of fun, it's there. The pic I chose for this post combines these two things, Legos and video games.

Justin Stebbins is the artist (do you call Lego builders artists?) of the diorama shown. Check out his Brickshelf gallery for more of his work, he's got some great builds, and his subject matter is rich with sci-fi goodness. On my gigantic wishlist of Xbox games is Assassin's Creed. When it first came out, there was some mixed reviews, but now that it's had time to properly age a bit, it's sounding like it's being received better and better. I'll get it eventually, but I won't even think of it before May. The scene shown is from the game itself, and there's just a magical quality about Lego's that you can really make pretty much anything you want and always have it translate perfectly. Funnily enough, if I was on the fence about Assassin's Creed earlier, this Lego diorama would seal the deal...


  1. Very nice Tower.

  2. I wish I could take credit for it. I wish I had the patience to build something this nice...