Thursday, May 22, 2008


This week saw a return to some semblance of a regular geek night. After warming up with some Rush on Rock Band, we slid into some tasty riffs with Carcassonne. I don't play this great little game enough, if you don't know about it, or haven't heard of it, just click here, they'll lay it out better than I could anyway. It plays fast, simple to learn, every game is different, and if you fancy, there's a plethora of expansions out there for it. The Tower expansion in particular looks interesting. Shown above is the core set...and a Donut of Doom™. We played three total games, and each of the three players (me, Andy, and Ray) won one game a piece. As a footnote, you may recall I've never won a game of Settlers of Catan, so seeing a nice distribution of wins was quite refreshing.

In the third game, agricultural land-grabbing was all the rage.

Stretched out pic of the first game, in which Andy (yellow) was victorious.

For those of you keeping score at, this doesn't earn you any points!

Me and my soon-to-be-completed twenty-six point city.

The full board of game one.

The first few turns of game two, which would eventually go to Ray.

Full board of game two.

Beginning to game three, in which I would eventually emerge the winner...shockingly.

Every game has its humble beginnings.

...the Donuts of Doom™.


  1. Uuuugh, I'm gonna be sick just looking at those donuts...

  2. You're the spawn of such caloric monstrosities!