Monday, August 25, 2008


In the finale of Cormyr, the Tearing of the Weave, our as of yet unnamed adventuring company stumbled upon the lair of a Shadow Dragon named Despayr. Parlay was not an option, and the fray began. The battle was fairly swift, but admittedly, the psychology rules weren't entirely enforced. It was still a fun battle, and nice to close the first of three chapters in the Weave saga.

A newcomer to the fight, a mysterious Moon Elf with the skills both of a locksmith and the blade skills of an assassin joined the party after being liberated by them.

Yodin, the Human Druid, wild-shaped into a huge bear and attempted to use its weight to ground the dragon for most of the fight.

Alor Frus, Gnome Evoker, stood back and hurled both lightning bolt and fireball. His trusty familiar tactfully stayed as far from the dragon as possible.

Rhystell, the Elven wielder of the Mountain-Killing sword squares off face-to-face with Despayr.

Meti Kumawati, the Human Cleric hailing from Mulhorand, braved the maw of daggers and flash of fangs on the frontlines.

Newcomer Thorvall Nonamé stayed close to the shadows, but lent his bow and blades to the fight.

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