Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Dunwich Horrors

I'm a football fan, and well, it's now football time. I like college ball all right, but for me, it's more of an excuse for social gathering than keeping up with all the conferences and teams. Pro ball on the other is what I do follow. There's a group of ten of us who participate in a fantasy football league every year, looking back now, we've had the same group since 2003.

It's fun, especially now that all of the stats are kept up with through the computer, and makes for some great rivalries and competition throughout the season. Frankly, I'm not the most proficient of a coach. I've made the playoffs a few times, but I've never received any kind of payout. We recently held our live draft online, the pic above is me gearing up for it.

It was a thirteen round draft, and we were allowed to have up to two "keepers" from the previous season. These keepers would take your first and second round picks respectively. I kept a couple of players from last year, namely because they're good players, but also because I just like the idea of doing it in the first place. When the dust cleared after the draft, my picks, and my new team roster looked like this, here's the Dunwich Horrors:
round 1: LaDainian Tomlinson - running back, keeper
round 2: Braylon Edwards - wide receiver, keeper
round 3: Reggie Wayne - wide receiver
round 4: Donovan McNabb - quarterback
round 5: Michael Turner - backup running back
round 6: Selvin Young - backup running back
round 7: Santonio Holmes - wide receiver
round 8: New England Patriots - defensive team
round 9: Heath Miller - tight end
round 10: Mason Crosby - kicker
round 11: Matt Hasselbeck - backup quarterback
round 12: Benjamin Watson - backup tight end
round 13: Buffalo Bills - backup defensive team

That's a wrap for now, here's to a good season!


  1. Best of luck to The Dunwich Horrors. Hopefully you'll get more than 20 minutes of game time from your round pick. The Knoxville Displaced Texians used our first round pick on Tom Brady...doh!

  2. Thanks! My first and second round picks are coming up a little short, especially Edwards...

  3. Hi, loved the blog! wifeypoo

  4. Hey, I didn't leave that...

    Thanks, babe!