Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Captain Othniel

Captain Othniel of the Dark Angels 4th Company

Captain Othniel helps lead the fourth battle company of the Dark Angels chapter. He answers directly to Company Master Tracto himself and is key in much of the strategic planning that the 4th Company is known best for. He wears ornate articifer power armor using the newer style MkVIII Errant suit as a basis, which has been modified by numerous chapter techmarines. He carries a relic blade, which has been passed from member to member of ranking leaders of the 4th Company for longer than anyone can remember. His sidearm is a powerful plasma pistol which he took off the slain body of a mighty champion of Khorne as a trophy after defeating the foe in bitter hand-to-hand combat. It has since been cleansed and purified by the same chapter techmarines who have been heavily modifying his armor.

I know, I know, in true Dark Angels form this guy should have some quasi-biblical sounding name; Obadiah, Ezekiel, Sammael, Gabriel, Gideon, yada yada, but I don't have one. Using the magic of the internet, I will find one now: Commander Othniel. Although it may seem like no time passed, in fact, six minutes were exhausted in searching for a Dark Angel-sounding name. Yes, I am filling up space because I don't have too much to add here.

The symbol of the Fourth Company adorns his right shoulder and left knee. His backbanner was hand drawn and painted, and also displays Fourth Company markings. Like the rest of my army, Othniel here is fairly dated, but his refurbishment, fortunately, was a simple process, no weapon swaps or larger bases were needed. All I did was paint his base edge in Reaper Dark Skin, and added GW sand to cover it. A bit of the original green peeks through, but not much.

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