Monday, October 27, 2008

Terminator Squad Kostova

Deathwing Terminators of the Dark Angels 1st Company

I've been sitting on a decent-sized Dark Angels army for some time, a long time actually, and with the revival of 40kv5 in our group, I thought I'd dust them off. Although refurbishing them is kind of slow-going, I'll chart their progress here for posterity. First on the block are these Terminators, fortunately no weapon swaps were needed to bring them current with the new rules.

Size: Five Man Squad
Leader: Terminator Sergeant
Wargear: Terminator armor, storm bolters, power fists
Special Equipment: chainfists and sergeant gear
Naming Convention: Instead of just calling them 'Squad Retribution', Kostova, or Kostoa, is Finnish for Retribution. Being Deathwing Terminators they get the double punch combo; they're dead hard for simply being Terminators, add that they are Deathwing, and you've got a true fear-inspiring unit.

When I put these together I really liked the look of the Space Wolf Terminator Sergeant, it was the pelt that won me over. Although he's covered in Space Wolf iconography, he's been painted up as a Dark Angel. I also opted for the near requisite Assault Cannon, a trooper with Lightning Claws (another Terminator must-have), and I made sure the remaining two troopers had Chainfists.

Terminator Sergeant Ignis

Brother Ignis has served within his thick Terminator armor for centuries. He carries his badge of rank in the form of an ancient power sword, and on his armor is the pelt of a Fenn Wolf, which he hunted single handedly on the Death World of Saul IV, a world reputed to have a similar demeanor to the now extinct Caliban.

These second edition sculpts really show their age compared to the newer sculpts. The head should actually be closer to where the wolf's head is...not in the middle of the chest! I had to order some medium-sized bases from the bits department at the War Store, but now that they're on them, they at least have the illusion of being hulking death machines! Overall, it's not too noticeable.

My Chainfist troopers; I used Reaper Dark Skin to paint the base edges, and a GW tub of sandy desert stuff, whose name escapes me.

Bah, blurry pic! Both vintage Lightning Claws and an Assault Cannon!

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